Kemnay Kirk Anytime Anywhere – Update 3

Kemnay Kirk Anytime Anywhere – Update 3

This post has also been published on the Church of Scotland GoForIt blog from 12th February 2018.

Since first blogging about the Kemnay Kirk Anywhere Anytime (KKAA) project in May 2016, time seems to have flown past. We reached a major land mark for the project when in Mid 2017 a group of 6 residents at Littlewood Court in our village sheltered housing complex starting viewing the live transmission of our 10 am service. This has now become a regular feature of their weekend and they have now started to have a social time after the service broadcast ends with a “cup of tea and a fine piece”.


In order to monitor the technical performance of the broadcast and to support the residents we now have one or two members of the congregation attending at Littlewood Court to help them make the connection. It is surprising how independent they have become by using an iPad connected to a large screen TV in the lounge to view the service. This has proved to be an excellent and sustainable method as some of the residents have their own iPads and are able to operate them easily to access email and websites. We were able to embed the live transmission and archive service into our website making it very easy to make the connection.

One of the ladies at Littlewood court recently celebrated her 90th birthday. As we knew about this, we asked the congregation to sing happy birthday to her at the end of the service – whilst we kept the transmission live. She was both surprised and delighted that the church had included her in this way. She wanted to acknowledge this act by inviting members of the congregation to join her for soup and sweet at a local hotel.

Service 7th January 2018 from Jim Buchan on Vimeo.

Please scroll to the end of the service to view the birthday tribute.
This demonstrates the positive impact of bringing the church closer to members of the community who cannot ordinarily attend services
As we continue to work with other local Care homes to facilitate them also joining the live transmissions we are hopefully that there will be many more stories like the one above to share.
Remarkably, the Kemnay Service has been viewed by many people both in the UK and abroad. In the last 12 months on youtube we had had 400 views and 2147 view on Vimeo. We use youtube for live streaming and Vimeo to archive all our recorded service.


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