Kemnay Kirk Anytime Anywhere (KKAA)

Update on KKAA project – November 2016
By the time this update reaches you, the Kemnay Kirk Anytime Anywhere project will be publishing video recordings of Sunday services via the church website. To see these recordings, go to: https://kemnayparish.church/wp/webcast/
We have worked with Littlewood Court, the Grove Nursing Home and Overdon in Kintore, so that they will be able to watch these recordings during the afternoon of the recording. If you are a member or friend of Kemnay Kirk and would like help, or more information on how best to be able to view these recordings, please email or phone the church office. 

This project had an original budget of £18k.
The expenditure today is circa £17k.
The current forecast is circa £19k.
The total funds raised to date is circa £17k.
The project team still hope to raise the remaining £2k.
Now that this project is available to you at home, we hope you will see the benefits.

 Care and nursing homes can become part of the church family again.

 Students away from home studying, or people working away or abroad can remain in contact with what is happening in the life of Kemnay Kirk.

 Those who wish to come to church but are unable because of whatever, will be able to see services again.

 The wider community will be able to see the work of Christ in our church.

 The mission of all Christians is to spread the word of God and this project does that in the modern way.

If you think this a worthwhile project and can help financially please do so by sending your contribution to the church office marked KKAA or you can donate via the church website. Please remember to Gift Aid if you can.

Life & Work DVD

Recently the Outreach Committee has overseen the production and delivery of a Kemnay Parish Church DVD explaining the life and work of the Church. It was offered to every home in the Parish and is still available today free from the Church office.

New Members Courses

There are courses available to those who are interested in finding out about Christian faith and the Church.

Alpha Course

We have been running Alpha Courses for many years. It is a basic Christian education course that is used by many different denominations and in many countries. Usually there is a course offered in the autumn. Please look at Church News page for dates of the next course or contact us.

Youth Alpha

The Youth Alpha is specially designed for young people and is being delivered at the Fusion Youth Group.  See the Children and
Youth pages on the website or contact Suzanne on:  youth@kemnayparish.church

Summer Holiday Club


See the Children and Youth pages for details of events planned for this summer  or contact Suzanne on: youth@kemnayparish.church

Summer Mission

Over the years we have worked in partnership with Youth For Christ and the Church of Scotland Summer Missions teams. This is an excellent way of reaching our young people. Please look at Children and Youth pages for details of events planned for this summer  or contact Suzanne on: youth@kemnayparish.church


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