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The Word

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The Word is a bi-monthly event, ( usually the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month: see the calendar or Facebook for dates), which serves as a drop-in youth club for the village’s teenagers(S1 -S6). We have a games room, with pool table, table tennis and foosball, a craft café, tuck shop, X-box and games in the hall. It is a popular club, with between 20 and 30 youngsters attending on a Friday night at the Church Centre.

    The Word (in Kemnay)

More about The Word

When we started out, our aims were to provide a safe place for young people to go on a Friday evening, to build relationships with them and to offer them the opportunity to join other activities within the Church. These are still our aims today, but we have a problem.

While we have plenty of youngsters interested, we don’t have enough adult volunteers. Originally we ran every week: then we had to drop to  once a month.

We are now happily back to twice a month, but would still like more volunteers to aim to provide this resource every week.

While we desperately need help to supervise the actual session, I understand that working with a bunch of teenagers is not everyone’s cup of tea, but there are other ways to help.

Can you spare half an hour to help set-up/clear-up?  (6-7pm or 9-9.30pm)
Can you help with shopping for the tuck shop? (whenever it suits you to shop)
Do you have a hobby that you could share in our craft sessions?
Can you help with the preparation of craft supplies? (any suitable time)
If this very valuable outreach is to continue, we desperately need your help.
Please contact :

Kemnay Kirk Safeguarding Information

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