TIM Talks – Gordon Presbytery

TIM Talks – Gordon Presbytery

Background: In the summer and autumn of 2017, the Presbytery Review Group from Gordon Presbytery conducted a survey of all of the churches in the Presbytery of Gordon in one form or another.  Whether it was information gained from the minister, kirk session, or a small group of elders, there was a consensus that everyone wanted to be better resourced, equipped, and connected to others in Presbytery

The Mission and Discipleship Committee from Gordon Presbytery took this feedback seriously and for the year of 2018-2019 we are trying new ways of coming alongside churches. This gave rise for the creation of the TIM Talk (T for theology, I for imagination, and M for ministry & mission). In these talks, our aim to to start discussions on topics that churches are facing with the goal of better equipping each other for ministry.

Access the TIM Talks Page on the Gordon Presbytery Website – Click Here

TIM Talks 1 – 15th November 2018 – Click here

TIM Talks 2 – 21st March 2019 – Click here

TIM Talks 3 – 13th February 2020 – Click here

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