Opportunities for Service

Opportunities for Service


Care Visitation

The Care Group are looking for people to visit the housebound and elderly or to give them some extra support. For more information contact the Care Group by telephoning or emailing Church office

( details at the bottom of the page)

Hospital Visitation

Hospitals visitation and care of the ill is seen as a having a high priority at Kemnay Church. For more information Click Here

At Church

Church Flowers

Week by week members gift flowers for the Church Service and many arrange the flowers themselves bringing particular and much appreciated talents. These flowers are then distributed to others as an expression of the Church’s love and care.

Welcome Teams

The welcome teams provide a friendly smile and a warm welcome to services Sunday by Sunday. You can be any age to do this and children will always be supervised by an adult. The Rota is made up in advance by Mr Jeff Thomas, if you are interested in joining this team, contact the church office on 01467 643883

Participation in Worship

While the minister is responsible for the conduct of Worship an exciting development over a number of years is the increase in other people who participate in the sharing of worshipping by using their talents in music, drama, reading, singing and also the planning and presentation of acts of worship.  If this is something that you would like to be included in, please email finance & stewardship for more details.

Audio Visual

The Sunday service is streamed live on the internet and as such we need a team of people to operate the computer, PA desk and video.  We are currently looking for more people to be trained to help out with this task.

Working with Children and Young People

There are lots of opportunities for young people and adults to be involved in working with small children to teenagers. e.g. The Word is looking for help:

Can you spare half an hour to help set-up/clear-up?
Can you help with shopping for the tuck shop?
Do you have a hobby that you could share in our craft sessions?
Can you help with the preparation of craft supplies?

The Church of Scotland has a Policy on working with children and young people which is accepted and adhered to at Kemnay Kirk. Anyone working with children and young people will be expected to attend a basic course on Child Protection. For information about working with children and young people please email: youth@kemnayparish.church

For details on the Child Protection Course from the Child Protection Convener, Mrs Fiona Gray on fionagray@kemnayparish.church.

Church Music

Singing Group

From time to time a group of men and women and young people come together for special services. Information is given on the Sunday Intimation Sheet.

Praise Band

We have a Praise band who help lead the Praise at 10.00am Worship.


The pipe organ is used at church services, weddings and funerals – we currently have one organist and we are always looking to increase this to extend the rota.

Wider Church

Loaves and Fishes Coffee Shop, Church Centre.

Our coffee shop provides lots of opportunities for service.  We need help serving teas and coffees in the coffee shop; preparing lunches; baking; washing dishes; cleaning.  If you have any spare time to help us out, we would be very grateful for your service. Contact the Manager on loavesandfishes@kemnayparish.church

Partner Church.

Kemnay Church is in partnership with the congregation of the Evangelical Synod of Lebanon and Syria.

Missionary Partner

Our Missionary Partners the Rev Alastair and Mrs Mary Morris work in Central Asia . We receive a regular letter from them, which is published in the Kirk News. If you would like to write to them they would  appreciate this. We also support our former Partners, Rev Paul and Mrs Burgess in Pakistan. Also our Episcopal friends Sisters Dorothy and Jane in Zambia.

Service Overseas and at Home

There are opportunities of working overseas with the Church of Scotland. The Board of World Mission work with the Scottish Churches World Exchange for short-term service and the Board has its own recruitment scheme for full time Missionaries. There are also opportunities for Service at Home.


The Congregation supports the work of this Christian Overseas and home, aid organisation. The work of TearFund is highlighted at Harvest.

Christian Aid

In May the community and church come together to raise funds for Christian Aid.  Can you help out with the Jog walk or collecting money in Smartie tubes?

Wider Community

Most organisations in the village will have church members and friends involved and this is certainly encouraged. Service in the community is seen as service for the Lord.

Disability Discrimination

The Kirk Session has a responsibility to ensure that we fulfill the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. One way we have responded is making sure our buildings are accessible and we provide, where we can, facilities that help people who are disabled. However, the rights of the disabled go beyond physical things and it is about our attitude and how we treat people.

If you would like to help out on any of these services: please contact the Church office on 01467 643883 or email:     office@kemnayparish.church or financeandstewardship@kemnayparish.church

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