Hospital Visitation

Hospital Visitation

Hospital Visitation

Hospitals visitation and care of the ill is seen as a having a high priority at Kemnay Church.

Hospital visits are made when requests are received. The Minister or a Hospital Visitor will visit –  Mrs Shirley Milne for the Aberdeen hospitals, Mrs Jo Black for Inverurie Hospital, Mrs Muriel Gration for Insch Hospital.

Visits to patients are very much dependant on either patients or the family of patients letting us know they are in hospital.

There are two ways of doing this:

1  On Admission to a hospital: tell the nurse or secretary admitting you or your family member that you would like a visit from the Minister from Kemnay Church. They will note your request on an admission form.

2  When a member of your family is admitted to hospital: contact the Minister either by telephone, Email or speak to a member of the welcome team on Sunday morning at Church.
Tel: 01467 642219  Email:

The responsibility for letting us know you or a member of your family is in hospital lies with yourself or your family. If we are not told, we will not know who is in hospital. Since hospital visits are made weekly it is never ’a bother’ for us to visit. Visits are usually done early in the week but can also be made at other times, specially in emergencies.

If you know you are going into hospital and would like a visit, please let us know the date of admission, hospital and ward number.

In the case of an accident or an emergency and you feel you would like the minister to be with you or your family member, please contact the Minister immediately and a visit will be made at the earliest opportunity.

The minister makes regular visits to members who are in long-term care and again is dependant on families informing him of who is in ‘care’. Contact can be made by Email or telephone as noted above.

In all cases, except for emergencies (and again it should be the family who contacts us), the permission of the patient is necessary. We cannot act on the suggestion of a well-meaning friend. In some circumstances the visit of a Minister may be the last things someone wants. Patient confidentiality is paramount.
Kemnay Church have an active group who provide care support through hospital and long term visits, bereavement follow up,  pastoral visits and counselling.