Finance & Stewardship

Finance & Stewardship

Stewardship Season 2018    Talents

The Bible uses the word talents to describe any God given ability or skill that you have.  Talents come in many forms: from performing the simplest task to completing complex challenges.  Have you ever stopped to think about the many talents it takes to run a household?  Possibly not…… but take a few moments now to consider this (here are a few to get you started: cooking; cleaning; managing money; decorating…).

God would like us to use our talents to help not only the church but also the wider community.  Have a look at our “Jobs Wall” with some of the ways you can use your talents.

This is just a snapshot of some of the jobs that need doing – there are many more!  Could you do any of these jobs?  Will you help out?  Email finance& or speak to Joshua or Helen.

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Finally, thank you to all those who give of their time, talents and money.  After all, you our members and friends (supporters) are our most important and precious asset.
If you use Free Will Offering envelopes: can we please ask that you use these on a ‘regular’ basis or request a more appropriate means of giving such as a Standing Order? This would be much appreciated. Also, if you are able to Gift Aid any donations, this is of great importance to our income.

See our on-line giving page by clicking the link below:

If you require more information about Finance & Stewardship; regular giving or donations of time, talent or money  – please email: