Finance & Stewardship

Finance & Stewardship

At this time of year, it is most appropriate to thank all those who give of their time, talents and money. Thank you! After all, you our members and friends (supporters) are our most important and precious asset.
It would be remiss of us not to ask everyone to have their giving up to date for the year end. If you use Free Will Offering envelopes: can we please ask that you use these on a ‘regular’ basis or request a more appropriate means of giving such as a Standing Order? This would be much appreciated. Also, if you are able to Gift Aid any donations, this is of great importance to our income. At this expensive season of giving, please don’t forget Jesus and the work of his Church here in Kemnay.

May 2018 be a new beginning for you and a good year for Christ’s work here in Kemnay, in Scotland and where there is real need.

Stewardship Season 2017

This year we are focussing on time:

Time for God:


Time for Giving

It is in giving that we receive. if we want to truly be our best, most vibrant selves, we have to give: by simply showing up, by involving ourselves in each other, in our communities, in our families. Because Giving our Time by serving is how we find the things we all are looking for—perspective, stability, connecting with others, hope, joy, and …peace. God’s church here in Kemnay needs your support to preach the Word here on a Sunday; to spread the Word throughout the village; to spread the Word throughout the world –to pass on the Good News of Jesus Christ to as many people as we can.

Time for Church


First of all, if I may take moment of your Time, to share a kyros moment in Time for me, when as a young boy, my father took Time to share with me.  Here is the Church    Here is the steeple    Open-up and here are God’s people. 

Well, we all know that the church is the people, the family of God.
And, we all know how important and valuable Time is, and how we use it tells the world about us as Christians.
So, instead of ‘Time for Church’ we now have ‘Time for the Church Family.

Sharing our Time with God’s church family should be easy, we have a lot in common. Do you take Time to Share? Time to Give? Time to Listen? Time to Help? Time to Show Love? Time to Pray? Time to care?
These are precious Times. The opportunities are there every-day for us to care, to show our love for all around us.
Is that not Time well spent?
And it is something our God wants us to do.


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