Care of the Church

Care of the Church

Care Working Team

The care team is made up of a mix of Elders and non-Elders.  It’s purpose is to co-ordinate and deliver pastoral care to Church members as well as to the wider Parish of Kemnay.  Pastoral care includes elements of practical/emotional support for those who may be ill, in hospital, bereaved, housebound, isolated or needing support with a particular issue for a period of time.

Kemnay Church has a long tradition of supporting each other through an informal network of friends/acquaintances.  Much of the pastoral care is provided in this way.  Added to this we use a befriender system whereby any individual with specific pastoral care needs can seek support via contact with the Minister, Care Convener, Elder or any member of the Care Team.

When you make a request, the Care Convener may visit to find out the level of support sought.  Thereafter, your area Elder is likely to be the person to visit with you.  If there is someone else you are familiar with, this person may visit instead.  The choice is yours.

Elder’s care areas

Kemnay Parish is divided into Care Areas each with responsible Elders.  Please feel free to approach your Elder with any support requests at any time.  You should find their name and contact details on the back page of the Kirk News magazine.

Hospital visits

We rely on you telling us if you, or someone you know, is to be, or has been, admitted to hospital and would like a visit. Data Protection legislation means we can no longer visit without an invitation.  If you would like contact details    click here

Care Home visits

If you, or a relative, move into a care home and would like to maintain contact with the Church, we will arrange for a visitor to come periodically.

Bereavement Support Group

This new group, starting on 4 August 2021, in response to the covid pandemic, offers a cuppa and some mutual support, to those who are recently bereaved, or who were already mourning the loss of a loved one at the start of the pandemic.  The group meets from 10-12 on Wednesday mornings, in the Church Centre. Please feel free to come along for all or part of the session. Bring a family member or friend if you like.

Also, for those recently bereaved, a follow-up visit at home can be arranged through the Minister or Care Convener. Please make contact if you feel this might be of benefit to you

Lunch Club

Starting on 3 August, 2021, there will be a lunch club each Tuesday and Thursday at the Church Centre, for isolated individuals made known to us by social work and mental health teams. Funding for a year, to provide lunch to a total of 12 individuals, has been made available by the Robertson Trust.

Transport to Hospital Appointments

If you are elderly or have a disability and find it difficult to attend hospital appointments using public transport, we have a team of drivers willing to take you to your appointment. Provided we can continue to source funding, this service will be offered at no cost to you, otherwise you will be asked to cover the cost of the petrol. Please be in touch if you need to use this service.


Prayer support is available in Church after Sunday service.  Designated members of the congregation are on hand at the front of the Church for all prayer needs.

Prayer chain

Prayer support is available for everyone in need. Prayer requests can be made, in confidence.  Click here to be directed to the prayer chain page.

Please ensure you have the permission, if possible, of the person to be prayed for and agree the wording of the prayer with them.  All prayer requests are sent to members of the prayer chain via secure methods.  All prayer content is kept absolutely confidential.  There is no need to give the name of the person being prayed for.  An initial is sufficient.

Prayer Calendar

A monthly prayer calendar is provided for the work of the Church in Kemnay and beyond.  Prayers cover the work of St Anne’s and Kemnay Church congregations.  These prayers cover items relating to local, national and international concern.  Members can have items for prayer included in the calendar.

Services of Healing and Laying on of Hands

Occasional Services of healing are held with the opportunity for prayers for healing and for the ministry of laying on of hands and the anointing of oil.  A small group of people are available to visit and pray with those who request this.  A leaflet is available explaining what we understand about healing from the Biblical Teaching and our approach to this ministry in Kemnay.

A Ministry of Healing leaflet is available.

Click here to Contact the Minister.

New Residents

If you, or someone you know is new to the Parish, please make contact with the Church Office, and an Elder will visit with a welcome pamphlet.  To contact the church office click here

Wider Church

There are opportunities of working either with Crossreach, the social care branch of the Church of Scotland,  or overseas.  The World Mission Council works with the Scottish Church World Exchange for short-term services.  The council also has a recruitment scheme for full-time missionaries.  More information can be had by contacting the Church office. Click here for details

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