Book a Seat

Book a Seat


Upcoming in-church services:

To be confirmed soon

Based on current government regulations, our building has 92 seats which can be occupied but subject to the combination of individual attendees and family groups (from the same household) the actual seating capacity is between 32 and approximately 50 . All people attending will be required to wear a facemask and there will be no live singing.
Congregation members will be able to recite the Lords Prayer and similar audience participation items which still wearing their facemask.
Once you have successfully booked a seat, this will be confirmed by means of the contact details you have provided.

Seates must be booked in advance by either of the following three methods

  • Phone the church office on 01467 643883 you will need to leave contact details ( email and or phone) if you call outwith office hours.
  • email the church office on
  • or book online by clicking the following link
  • No Seat booking available at present

where there is no seat availblity you will be contacted and informed accordingly.


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