0365 Getting Started

0365 Getting Started

An O365 account is available to all those people who are involved in church work.
In order to have an account provisioned it is first necessary to apply by filling in an application form – click here to download a copy (this will open the form in a new browser tab, please print, complete and hand to the church office for processing – if you need assistance with this please contact the church office or Jim Buchan)  As part of this process you should watch a video about Data Protection which is located on Youtube – click here to view.

Once your account has been setup you will recent an email to your current email account – this will include the account name and initial temporary password.
In order to access your account for the first time you will logon to https://portal.office.com using the account user name and password provided
As part of your first logon session you will be required to set a secure password for your account.  To be secure this should include an mix of upper/lower case letters, numbers and a non alphanumeric character ( !@£$%^…..) – make it a sequence of characters that you can easily remember.

Here is one way to make a secure password which is can be easily remembered
Choose a phrase (minimum of 8 characters and not a dictionary word) :  sunnydaysinkemnay2017

Now substitute some of the characters to make it secure

SunnyDaysInKemnay20!& would be good, note that 17 with shift pressed = !&

You can make this even more secure by substituting some of the letters with non-alphanumeric characters.

such as Su((yDaysI(Kem(ay20!&  so n has been replaces by

Use what ever method works best for you.

The following video includes a screen demo of the above process and instruction for setting up you email account and sending your first email.

O365FirstAccess from Jim Buchan on Vimeo.

For a more comprehensive introduction to O365 you can also look at the following page which is published and updated by Microsoft – click here to view.  I is suggested that you dip into this page and associated videos when you want to learn more about O365 – don’t try to cover it all in one sitting.  At Kemnay Parish Church we are only using some of the O365 service for now, but we do expect to use more as time passes.

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